Why streetwear? Why in 2022? Why do I have to know about all this?

These are some of the questions that may come to mind when you think of streetwear, and this way of dressing, commonly known as “urban fashion”, has been with us for several years.

This style refers to the casual style that was born in the United States in the late 90s, mainly, from then on we have been accepting it as one more style, eliminating all the prejudices that were held in previous years.

If we were to use a literal translation of the concept, we would have “street clothes”, although as the way of dressing among all of us has evolved, due to COVID-19, it would no longer be limited only to those neighborhoods furthest from the center of the city. On the contrary, it has marked a before and after in the fashion industry by creating a symbol of power and its own lifestyle.

In 2019, the colors neon, futuristic shoes with a finish that let us see the inside of it; in 2020, sports pants and oversize t-shirts with a print that hardly went unnoticed: in 2021, one sustainable urban fashion and that cared more about the clothes we wore at home than about going out and, in 2022, fashion is coming strong.

We tell you!

Both jogger pants and those t-shirts three sizes too big are already a day-to-day for us. We no longer see strange that girl with wider pants and a cap, it no longer seems strange that a boy has a flower shirt, etc. We live in a society in which unisex, eco-friendly and comfortable fashion is our present and we are happy about it.

At Cocowi we want to encourage you to use fashion as a method of inspiration, your way of expressing to the world what you like and what you are capable of doing.

One of the priorities of streetwear and, therefore, of Cocowi, is to offer luxury, good quality and unique products.

Combine our caps as you wish and create the most streetwear look of the moment!

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