Yellow Day is here!


We all know about Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year, but what about the happiest day, doesn’t anyone know about it? Well, yes! It exists and it is the 20th of June.
June is synonymous with sunshine, high temperatures and many hours of daylight, plus holidays are just around the corner. Moreover, if we focus on the name itself: YELLOW DAY, according to psychology, yellow is a colour that denotes happiness, optimism, enlightenment, and positivism.

Cliff Arnall, the British motivational expert and psychologist in January 2005 thought it was important to celebrate everything that makes us happy so that we always keep it in mind.
According to their studies, Yellow Day usually falls in the third week of June, coinciding, as we have mentioned, with the summer solstice and the festival of San Juan. The formula on which it is based is as follows: O + (N xS) + Cpm / T + He.


o O means being outdoors and enjoying outdoor activities.
o N is the connection with nature, at the very moment it is blooming.
o S is socializing with our neighbors and friends.
or Cpm, represents the positive memories of childhood.
o T is the average warm temperature (late spring and early summer).
o Hey, the arrival of the desired vacation.

• Why June 20?
There are certain factors and reasons that contribute to optimism invading you on June 20 and making you feel happier than any other day of the year. The formula to determine these reasons for happiness has been created by psychologists and meteorologists, since the sum of certain variables results in an increase in the ability to enjoy the day. We explain them to you:

o Not too hot, not too cold. It usually coincides with the summer solstice, that is, we have a warm temperature, as well as pleasant.

o The days are longer, so we have more daylight hours and that influences our mood.

o You feel like going out and having a drink with your friends. In June, socialization between us and outdoor activities increase.

o Holidays! Holidays and trips are just around the corner, so personal motivation increases too, right?

As any reason is good to be happy and content, don’t hesitate to be happy this Yellow Day, but really, what you should try is to make every day a Yellow Day 😉.

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