Born in Madrid in the midst of a lockdown, while we were all longing for a ray of sunlight, fun, and friends, Cocowi was developed by cap fans and heavy users as a brand for fresh heads and minds.


The team set out to start by redefining the everyday cap, ensuring the perfect fit, style, and comfort that would stand the test of time.

Cocowi offers the coolest designs for those who dress from the head. A statement cap for the freedom lovers, health-conscious, the movers, and the shakers. “Here’s to the crazy ones” we heard someone say….

Cocowi is more than a cap, Cocowi is a way of life.


Our philosophy is centered on a handful of attributes, our pillars: quality, creativity, and comfort.

We carefully analyze every detail on our products and strive to create the most comfortable and flattering caps, ensuring a snug fit.

Taking care of every detail and offering a product of the highest quality.

Your cap. Our passion

Cotton canvas provides the base of the materials we use on our caps. It’s light, fresh and hassle-free texture is easy to wash and offers the perfect material for an everyday cap.

We are excited for all of you to wear our juicy caps and form part of our Cocowi family.